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Candidate 2012 Independent Constitutional Conservative - 35% 21,000 votes

Today the Idaho Statesman delivered great news. Let their be no doubt what I promise as your next new Canyon County Sheriff direct from the treasure valley media establishment.

The Idaho Statesman (October 12, 2012) has recognized my platform in its entirety as an outsider who embraces the "Constitutional Sheriff" concept. The central thesis of this movement is that individual rights are under siege , and that the county sheriff is best positioned to stand up to overreaching federal agencies. Robert Muse was quoted as saying " The sheriff is the supreme law of the land in the county."

It is official and recognized I am this candidate and a person who took a constitutional oath to protect this country. The Idaho Statesman editorial staff has probably never experienced this oath of office and the meaning of the patriotic duty to protect private property rights and defend civil liberty as they endorsed my opponent's failed ideology that the federal government is the supreme law of the land.

Thank you Lord for this blessing and gifts of spirit.


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