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21-Dec-12 Elect Robert Muse for Mayor of Nampa

November 5th, 2013 election for office of Mayor in the City of Nampa Idaho.

02-Nov-12 Idaho Press Tribune Retraction
29-Oct-12 2012 Accredited Public Safety Graduate Degree

Accredited Master's Degree in Public Safety Leadership.

Capella is a Charter Participant of AQIP

On September 25, 2000 Capella University announced that it became the nation's first and only online academic institution to become a charter participant of the Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

By joining AQIP, Capella University moved beyond the boundaries of traditional accreditation by agreeing to voluntarily participate in a continuous quality improvement process. As a charter participant of the AQIP, Capella University's NCA accreditation was extended to 2007. In 2008 Capella University's accreditation was reaffirmed by The Higher Learning Commission; Capella's next scheduled accreditation reaffirmation process will be during the 2014-2015 academic year.

03-Oct-12 Robert Muse - DPA8400 Theories of Leadership and Public Administration

Learners in this course build theoretical and practical knowledge of human behavior, coalition building, communications, and the influences of various leadership styles. Learners examine the ways in which public administration leadership is unique in its representative nature, structure, balance of power, and systems perspective and focus on improvements leaders can implement to enhance public value within their sphere of influence. Other topics include interactions with political leaders and lobbyists, strategies for motivating a civil service-protected workforce, and skills for effectively communicating at various levels.

28-Sep-12 The Muslim Brotherhood isn’t the first group to infiltrate the United States: Who was it?


28-Sep-12 “We are now within the 40 days and 40 nights period of the most important election of our lifetime.


27-Sep-12 Canyon County Sheriff DEBATE OCtober 16th

PRESS ALERT BE HERE FOR THE DEBATE DATE LISTED. Tuesday, Oct. 16, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Nampa City Hall: Candidate forum for contested candidates in Legislative Districts 10, 11, 12 & 13 and sheriff’s race.

House keeping for the Idaho Press

Tribune endorsement:

I will not accept any endorsements from any media and associations.

The only recommendations or endorsements I will consider are from you the individual citizen who chooses to vote for your choice for your voice that will support ROBERT MUSE the only CONSERVATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL CANDIDATE.

Your vote and choice will be simple a "Right to Work " Sheriff candidate "Robert Muse" or my republican opponent a national union member, funded and endorsed by the National Union local.

I guarantee this will a debate you in Canyon County will remember for a long time.

Mark your calendar and be there.

Your civil liberties and private property rights depend on this.

23-Sep-12 Canyon County Sheriff Candidate Robert Muse and America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Sheriff Mack
Constitution Day to "Serve and Protect, To Uphold and Defend this Republic against foreign and domestic enemies as our oaths were reaffirmed at this event.
20-Sep-12 Canyon County Sheriff Independent Conservative Constitutional Candidate Robert Muse receives a letter grade

Doctorate Public Administration 8002

Public Services Theory Issues & Research 

Grade A 16.000

TERM GPA : 4.000

18-Sep-12 Lawsuit: Canyon County deputy sheriff forced to use vacation time for military obligations

The lawsuit alleges more than 25 people had a similar experience with service-related absences while working for the county in southwestern Idaho.

17-Sep-12 Canyon County Sheriff Independent Conservative Constitutional Candidate Robert Muse receives Peace Offcier Training Certificate

Constitution "Day To Serve and Protect, to Uphold and Defend"


[June 27, 1997]

Justice Scalia delivered the opinion of the Court.

The question presented in these cases is whether certain interim provisions of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub. L. 103-159, 107 Stat. 1536, commanding state and local law enforcement officers to conduct background checks on prospective handgun purchasers and to perform certain related tasks, violate the Constitution.

07-Sep-12 Local sheriffs are last defense, former lawman Mack says

What a true peace officer would do, Mack decided, was to suggest the woman swing by a nearby school playground and let the kids burn some energy while she regained her focus.

He tore up the ticket. The next day he went to the city clerk and asked to see the oath of office he had taken.

06-Sep-12 Constitutional Links

Constitution Preservation

06-Sep-12 Unraveling Federal Jurisdiction within a State (11-08-11)

I have served in several branches of our military, in campaigns such as Viet Nam, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq; and a career in civilian law enforcement. I believe with every fiber of my being in this great Country and everything it stands for. I fully appreciate and respect the horrific sacrifices so many Americans, and their families, have given to provide us with our Republic form of government. I currently serve as the Sheriff in Josephine County, Oregon.

06-Sep-12 CSPOA Constitutional Sheriffs Convention - September 16-18, 2012

TO SERVE: Who? THE PEOPLE. Other possible answers that may have been implied our stated outright may include "To serve the government", "To serve the law" or "To serve your commanding officer". While there may be a grain of truth in there somewhere, let's remember who we're all REALLY there to serve: The People.

06-Sep-12 Democrats revive bill to strip sheriffs of power

The initial legislation, HB 290, was proposed at the behest of Sussex County officials who took issue with their sheriff, Jeff Christopher, who is attempting to restore the office to its constitutional role.

03-Aug-12 Democrats offer bill to ban online ammunition sales following Colorado shooting
01-Aug-12 Senator Joe Biden's Son trying to eliminate SHERIFF JEFF CHRISTOPHER

Again this FOP National Union does not demonstrate or support the constitutional office of sheriff in Delaware through its web site. My opponent is a member of this national labor union in the Canyon County Sheriff election this year.

01-Aug-12 No Sheriff Left Behind in SHERIFF JEFF CHRISTOPHER Delaware

Our Mission: To equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office.

30-Jul-12 JAIL FIGHT: 78 Inmates In Racially-Charged Brawl
30-Jul-12 Bail bondsman opens fire on fugitive
25-Jul-12 Multiple Private First Responders Assualted

23-Jul-12 Week-End of Violence Leaves 3 Security Officers Dead 14 Others Injured


Week-End of Violence Leaves 3 Security Officers Dead

14 Others Injured


22-Jul-12 Security Officer Killed in Aurora Colorado Massacre Called Hero

Security Officer Killed in Colorado Massacre Called Hero

July 22 2012


AURORA CO. Three survivors of the Colorado movie-theater massacre escaped with minor wounds, but were left with broken hearts because their heroic boyfriends died saving them.


In final acts of valor, Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves used their bodies to shield their girlfriends as accused madman James Holmes turned the Aurora cineplex into a shooting gallery.


Blunk's girlfriend, Jansen Young; McQuinn's girlfriend, Samantha Yowler; and Teves' gal pal Amanda Lindgren made it out of the bloodbath - but they would have been killed had it not been for the loves of their lives.


"He's a hero, and he'll never be forgotten," a tearful Jansen Young told the Daily News of Blunk. "Jon took a bullet for me."


She was too distraught to speak more, but her mother called Blunk, 25, who had two young children from a previous relationship, "a gentleman."


"He was loving, the kind of guy you want your daughter to be with, and ultimately, she's alive because of this, because he protected her," Shellie Young said.


She said Blunk, a security guard, had served in the Navy and had recently filled out papers to reenlist with a goal of becoming a Navy SEAL. "To her, he was a hero anyway because he wanted to serve his country," she said of her daughter, who was left with shrapnel wounds to her side. "He said that all the time: 'I was born to serve my country.'"


Jansen Young, 21, said Blunk took her to see Friday's midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" to celebrate her graduation from veterinarian school. As the black-clad killer burst into the theater and unleashed tear gas and a torrent of indiscriminate gunfire, Blunk selflessly protected his girlfriend.


He pushed Jansen on the ground and under her seat, then threw his body on top of her, the mother said. "He was 6-feet-2, in incredible shape, which is why he was able to push her down under the seats of the theater," the mother said. "He pushed her down on the floor and laid down on top of her and he died there."

She said her daughter instantly fell in love with Blunk when they met at a local mall, where he worked as a security guard. "She just plain fell in love with his good looks," the mother said. "She walked up and handed him a piece of paper and said, 'Here's my number.'"


"She just found it incredible that someone would spend eight years of their life in the Navy."

Blunk's estranged wife, Chantel Blunk, 26, of Reno, Nev., said he died fulfilling a lifelong dream. "He always wanted to be a superhero, he's wanting to save someone or do something greater," said the mother of Blunk's kids, Hailey, 4, and Maximus, 2.


Jansen Young told her mother she could feel Blunk holding her tight as chaos reigned in the movie theater. She said she heard a woman nearby screaming, "I've been shot!" and recalled the "boom, boom, boom" of gunfire and smelling gunpowder.


"There was kind of a break in between each gunshot," Jansen told the "Today" show. "Every gunshot, I was like, 'This is it . . . I'm done for.' Jon gave me one good push against that concrete again and then . . . I didn't really feel his arms against my back anymore but I knew he was still there."


When the shooting subsided, she realized Blunk was shot. "I started shaking him and saying, 'Jon, Jon, we have to go . . . it's time for us to get out of here,'" she said, adding that she tried to pull Blunk by the shoulder, but he didn't move.

06-Jul-12 VOTER Registration Information

Register to vote. Be part of history.

02-Jul-12 Canyon County Sheriff - Candidate Robert Muse - The founders Unchanging Principles for liberty
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02-Jul-12 Canyon County Sheriff - Candidate Robert Muse -A government of laws, not of rulers.
29-May-12 Canyon County Sheriff - Candidate Robert Muse - ADMITTED TO DOCTOR OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM
23-May-12 Canyon County Sheriff - Candidate Robert Muse -Union Support For Donahue Fund Raiser?
20-May-12 Canyon County Sheriff - Candidate Robert Muse -BATTERY ASSUALT