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Addresses Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Addresses.com http://www.addresses.com/ National
2 InfoUSA http://americanchurchlists.com/Find/Person.aspx?bas_session=S08727445831231 National

Adoption Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Adoption.com http://www.adoption.org/ National
2 Adoption Directory http://directory.adoption.com/ National
3 Adoption Media, LLC http://www.adoption.com/ National
4 Adoption Search and Reunion http://www.adoptionsearcher.com/ National
5 AdoptionOnline.com http://www.adoptiononline.com/ National
6 Bastard Nation http://www.bastards.org/ National
7 State Adoption Listings and Links http://jlightkeeper.tripod.com/states1.html National
8 The Seeker http://www.the-seeker.com/ National
9 World Wide Registry http://adoptionsearching.com/ National

Alumni Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Alumni.NET http://www.alumni.net/ National
2 American School Directory http://www.asd.com/ National
3 SchoolNews.com Alumni and Classmates Directory http://www.schoolnews.com/ National
4 U.S. Universities by state http://wwwhost.cc.utexas.edu/world/univ/state/ National
5 US Naval Academy Alumni Association https://www.usna.com/SSLPage.aspx?pid=4613 National

Amber Alert Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Amber Alert https://www.wirelessamberalerts.org/index.jsp Idaho

Area Codes Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 AmeriCom Inc http://decoder.americom.com/cgi-bin/decoder.cgi National
2 Area Codes http://www.thedirectory.org/pref/ National
3 ConvertIt.com http://www.convertit.com/Go/ConvertIt/Reference/Telephone_Area_Codes.ASP National
4 Area Code Decoder http://decoder.americom.com/ National
5 Areacode-info.com http://www.areacode-info.com/ National
6 AreaCode.org http://areacode.org/ National
7 PRODIAL http://www.prodial.com/codes1.html National

Archives Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Directory of Free Census Records http://www.censusfinder.com/ National
2 Medeafinder http://www.mediafinder.com/ National
3 National Archives http://www.archives.gov/index.html National
4 U.S. News Archives on the Web http://www.ibiblio.org/slanews/internet/archives.html National
5 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/srch-edgar National

Art Theft Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 ART THEFT / MOST WANTED ART / RECOVERY PROJECT http://www.saztv.com/ National
2 Art Theft Central http://arttheftcentral.blogspot.com/ National
3 FBI Art Theft http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/vc_majorthefts/arttheft/arttheft National
4 Interpol Stolen Works of Art http://www.interpol.int/public/workofart/default.asp National

Asset Searches Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Asset Search Blog http://www.assetsearchblog.com/ National
2 Free Asset Search http://www.lawresearch.com/investigate/more/freeassetsearch.htm National
3 Free Nationwide Abandoned Asset Search http://www.bluefeatherwebdesign.com/assets.htm National

Asset Values Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Boats Value Search http://www.bucvalu.com/ National
2 Global Plane Search .com http://www.globalplanesearch.com/view/all/All.htm National
3 Home Price Check http://www.realestate.com/homepricecheck/ National
4 Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc. http://www.kbb.com/ National
5 NADA New and Used Car Pricing http://www.nadaguides.com/ National
6 Real Estate - Zillow http://www.zillow.com/ National
7 Real Estate Appraiser By State http://www.ezdesk.com/appraisal/search.htm National
8 Tax Assessor Database http://www.pulawski.net/ National
9 Yahoo! Real Estate http://realestate.yahoo.com/Homevalues National

Attorneys Back to Top

Audio Laws Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 AUDIO PUBLIC RECORDS DIRECTORY http://www.rcfp.org/taping/quick.html National
2 State-by-state summaries http://www.rcfp.org/taping/ National
3 Wiretapping and Eavesdropping on Telephone Calls http://www.privacyrights.org/fs/fs9-wrtp.htm National

Aviation Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 A-Z World Airports Online Country Index http://www.azworldairports.com/cfm/homepage.cfm National
2 Aircraft Serial Number Search http://users.rcn.com/jeremy.k/serialSearch.html National
3 Aircraft.com http://www.aircraft.com/ National
4 Airport Information http://www.airnav.com/airports/ National
5 Certificated Pilot Expanded Search http://www.landings.com/evird.acgi$pass*71503978!_h-www.landings.com/_landings/pages/search/certs-pilot.html National
6 FAA REGISTRY http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/StateCounty_Inquiry.aspx National
7 FAA REGISTRY N-Number Inquiry http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/ National
8 Federal Aviation Administration http://www.faa.gov/ National
9 Free Aircraft Registration Database Search http://publicrecords.onlinesearches.com/aircraft.htm National
10 Live Flight Tracking http://flightaware.com/ National
11 Registration Searches http://www.landings.com/_landings/pages/search/search_nnr-owners.html National
12 Trade a Plane http://www.trade-a-plane.com/ National
13 US Military Aviation Database. http://www.globemaster.de/ National
14 World Airport Codes http://www.world-airport-codes.com/ National

Banking / Stocks Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Investor Alerts and Bulletins http://www.sec.gov/investor/alerts.shtml National
2 ABA Routing Number http://yourfavorite.com/checkwriter/verify.htm National
3 Banks in the United States http://www.internationalist.com/SERVICE/BANKS/UnitedStates.html National
4 Commodity Futures Trading Commission http://www.cftc.gov:8765/query.html?ql=a National
5 Department of the Treasury Enforcement Actions http://apps.occ.gov/EnforcementActions/ National
6 Dormant Accounts Website of the Swiss Bankers Association http://www.dormantaccounts.ch/ National
7 FDIC-insured institutions http://www3.fdic.gov/idasp/main.asp National
8 FINRA BrokerCheck http://brokercheck.finra.org/Support/TermsAndConditions.aspx National
9 Look up any U.S. Routing Number. http://routingtool.com/ National
10 National Check Fraud Center http://www.ckfraud.org/banksearch.html National
11 Search SEC documents http://search.sec.gov/secgov/index.jsp#queryResultsTop National
12 Trading Suspensions http://www.sec.gov/litigation/suspensions.shtml National
13 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission http://www.sec.gov/ National
14 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR. http://www.sec.gov/edgar.shtml National

Bankruptcy Searches Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Bankruptcy Court Directory http://www.bankruptcydata.com/CourtDirectoryIndex.asp National
2 Directory of U.S. Bankruptcy Clerks http://www.bestcase.com/BKClerks.htm National
3 Search Bankruptcy Records http://www.microbilt.com/bankruptcy-records-search.aspx National

Bail Bond Companies Back to Top

Birth Records Back to Top

Boats and Vessels Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 BOAT TITLE INDEX http://www.marinetitle.com/vessel-title-advisor.htm National
2 U.S. Coast Guard's Boating Safety Division http://www.uscgboating.org/ National

Business Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Business Public Records http://www.business.com/directory/law/public_records/ National
2 Lookup business information http://dor.wa.gov/content/doingbusiness/registermybusiness/brd/ National
3 Public Record Center.com http://www.publicrecordcenter.com/business.htm National

Canadian Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Archives of Ontario http://www.archives.gov.on.ca/ National
2 Bankruptcy and Insolvency Records http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/bsf-osb.nsf/eng/Home National
3 CANADIAN ADOPTEES REGISTRY http://www.canadianadopteesregistry.org/ National
4 Canadian Area codes http://www.cnac.ca/co_codes/co_code_status_map.htm National
5 Canadian Cemeteries http://www.daddezio.com/cemetery/junction.ca/index.html National
6 Faculty of law http://www.droit.umontreal.ca/pages_diverses/english.html National
7 Fonefinder http://primeris.com/fonefind/ National
8 Governance http://canada.gc.ca/home.html National
9 Librarian and Archivist of Canada http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/index-e.html National

Cemetery Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 African American Cemeteries http://africanamericancemeteries.com/ National
2 Cemetery Records Online http://www.daddezio.com/cemetery/junction/index.html National
3 Cemetery Records Online http://interment.net/ National
4 Find a Grave http://www.findagrave.com/ National
5 Funeral Net http://www.funeralnet.com/search/search_cem.cgi National
6 Legacy.com http://www.legacy.com/NS/ National

Child Support Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Administration for Children and Families http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cse/extinf.html National
2 Child Support Calculators http://www.divorcelawinfo.com/calculators.htm National
3 Child Support Laws, State by State Information http://www.child-support-laws-state-by-state.com/ National

Collections Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys http://www.narca.org/?2010 National

Colleges Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Colleges and Universities http://www.50states.com/college/ National
2 Greekpages.com http://www.greekpages.com/index2.cfm National
3 Index of American Universities http://www.clas.ufl.edu/au/ National
4 U.S. Universities by state http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ/state/ National

Counties Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 National Association of Counties http://www.naco.org/Pages/default.aspx National
2 RECORDS DIRECTORY http://www.virtualgumshoe.com/resources/index.asp?CATEGORY_ID=67 National
3 State Government Offices http://www.statelocalgov.net/ National
4 States and Capitals http://www.50states.com/ National
5 USCounties.com http://www.uscounties.com/contact.html National

Courts Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Ada County Idaho Court Directory http://www.courtreference.com/Ada-County-Idaho-Courts.htm Idaho
2 Adams County Idaho Court Directory http://www.courtreference.com/Adams-County-Idaho-Courts.htm Idaho
3 Idaho Courts Directory http://www.isc.idaho.gov/courthse.htm Idaho
4 NCSC State Court Web sites http://www.ncsc.org/Information-and-Resources/Browse-by-State/StateCourtWebsites.aspx National
5 Pacer http://www.pacer.gov/ National

Credit Cards Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 CreditCardGuide.com http://www.creditcardguide.com/ National

Credit Companies Back to Top

Crime Stoppers Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Boise Area Crime Stoppers http://www.cityofboise.org/Departments/Police/CrimePrevention/page5805.aspx Idaho
2 Crime Stoppers USA http://www.crimestoppersusa.com/ National

Crime Stats Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Compare Crime Rates http://www.bestplaces.net/crime/ National
2 Crime statistics http://www.cityrating.com/crimestatistics.asp National
3 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/ucr National
4 Federal Justice Statistics http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/ National
5 United States: Uniform Crime Report -- State Statistics from 1960 - 2009 http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/ National

Currency Converter Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Currency Calculator http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html National
2 Universal Currency Converter http://www.xe.com/ucc/ National
3 Yahoo Currencies Center http://finance.yahoo.com/currency-converter/#from=USD;to=EUR;amt=1 National

Cyber Crime Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 CERT http://www.cert.org/ National
2 Computer Crime http://www.cybercrime.gov/ National
3 FBI Cyber Threats http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/cyber/cyber National

Data Brokers Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Background Check Gateway http://www.backgroundcheckgateway.com/ National
2 Data Brokers Inc. http://databrokersinc.com/ National
3 Gov-Records http://www.gov-records.com/ National
4 IRB Search http://www.Irbsearch.com National
5 Knowx https://www.knowx.com/ National
6 LexisNexis® Accurint® http://www.accurint.com/ National
7 Locate Plus https://www.locateplus.com National
8 Merlin Information Services http://www.Merlindata.com National
9 MicroBilt.com http://www.microbilt.com/ National
10 PACER Service Center http://pacer.uspci.uscourts.gov/ National
11 Public Data http://www.publicdata.com/ National
12 SkipSource.com http://www.skipsource.com/index.php National
13 Tracers Information Specialists http://Tracersinfo.com National

Count Company/Title URL State
1 Drug Enforcement Administration http://www.justice.gov/dea/index.htm National

Death Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Cemetery Search http://www.obitcentral.com/cemsearch/ National
2 Death Records http://www.vitalrec.com/death.html National
3 Funeral Net http://www.funeralnet.com/search/search_cem.cgi National
4 National Obituary Archive http://www.webobits.com/ National

Divorce Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Divorce Records By State http://www.publicrecordfinder.com/divorcerecordsbystate.html National
2 DivorceRecords.org http://www.divorcerecords.org/ National
3 Online Divorce Records http://www.state-divorce-records.com/ National

Count Company/Title URL State
1 American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators http://www.aamva.org/KnowledgeCenter/ResearchCtr/Resources/ National
2 Department of Motor Vehicles Sites http://www.autoexchange.net/dmv/ National
3 State DMV Record Sites http://www.pimall.com/nais/dmv.html National

Count Company/Title URL State
1 Birthdatabase.com http://www.birthdatabase.com/ National
2 Birthday Database http://anybirthday.com/ National

Domain Names Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 ALLWHOIS.COM http://allwhois.com/ National
2 Domain / Email Tools http://www.dnsstuff.com/ National
3 Domain Search http://www.hyperwhois.com/cgi-bin/whois.pl?cartid= National
4 InterNic registration records by domain name http://www.simplenet.com/spotlight/ National
5 Search all Domain Records http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp National
6 Top Level Domain Names http://www.thrall.org/domains.htm National
7 WHOIS Lookup at DomainTools.com http://whois.domaintools.com/ National
8 World IP Address Map http://www.networldmap.com/ National

Do Not Call Registry Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY https://www.donotcall.gov/confirm/Conf.aspx National

Drivers License Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Driving Records http://www.dmv.org/driving-records.php National

Email Investigations Back to Top

Embassies Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Embassies Worldwide http://www.escapeartist.com/embassy1/embassy1.htm National
2 Search Diplomatic List http://www.state.gov/s/cpr/rls/dpl/ National
3 Washington D.C. Embassies http://www.embassy.org/embassies/ National
4 Websites of U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions http://www.usembassy.gov/ National

Count Company/Title URL State
1 All counties are covered by the FBI Field Office at Salt Lake City, Utah. http://saltlakecity.fbi.gov/ Idaho

Federal Government Directories Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Carroll Publishing http://www.carrollpub.com/index.asp National
2 ATF http://www.atf.gov/ National
3 Bureau of Diplomatic Security http://www.state.gov/m/ds/ National
4 Congressional Email Directory http://www.webslingerz.com/jhoffman/congress-email.html National
5 DEA http://www.justice.gov/dea/index.htm National
6 Department of Homeland Security http://www.dhs.gov/index.shtm National
7 FBI http://www.fbi.gov/ National
8 Federal Trade Commission http://www.ftc.gov/ National
9 FEMA http://www.fema.gov/ National
10 Fish and Wildlife Service http://www.fws.gov/ National
11 GovEngine.com http://www.govengine.com/ National
12 Internal Revenue Service http://www.irs.ustreas.gov/ National
13 Justice, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section http://www.justice.gov/criminal/cybercrime/ National
14 Library of Congress http://thomas.loc.gov/ National
15 National Security Agency http://www.nsa.gov/ National
16 NTIS Database http://www.ntis.gov/products/ntisdb.aspx National
17 The WWW Virtual Library: U.S. Federal Government http://www.lib.lsu.edu/gov/index.html National
18 U.S. Government Telephone and E-mail Directories http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Directories.shtml National
19 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) http://www.ice.gov National
20 United States Department of Justice http://www.justice.gov/ National
21 United States Marshals Service http://www.justice.gov/marshals/ National
22 United States Senate http://www.senate.gov/ National
23 United States Treasury Department http://www.treasury.gov/Pages/default.aspx National

Firearms Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Firearm Cross Reference Search http://www.afte.org/ExamResources/manufcrossreference.htm National
2 Firearm Photograph Library http://www.securityarms.com/ National
3 Trigger Pull Database: http://www.firearmsid.com/ National

Count Company/Title URL State
1 FBI Common Fraud Schemes http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud National
2 Fraud Laws http://fraud.laws.com/ National
3 HELP FOR FRAUD VICTIMS http://www.straightshooter.net/Help_for_Fraud_Victims.htm National
4 NCL's Fraud Center http://www.fraud.org/ National

Fugitive Recovery Companies Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Rewards 4 Fugitives- Fugitive Recovery Team http://www.usfugitiveinvestigations.com National

Count Company/Title URL State
1 California Gang Investigators Association http://www.cgiaonline.org/ National
2 Gang Land http://www.ganglandnews.com/ National
3 GANGS OR US http://www.gangsorus.com/ National
4 Midwest Gang Investigators Association (MGIA) http://www.mgia.org/ National
5 National Alliance of Gang Investigators' Associations http://www.nagia.org/ National
6 National Major Gang Task Force http://www.nmgtf.org/ National

Genealogy Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Ancestry.com http://www.ancestry.com/ National
2 Census Finder http://www.censusfinder.com/ National
3 Cyndi's List http://www.cyndislist.com/immigrat.htm National
4 Eastman's Online Genealogy http://blog.eogn.com/ National
5 Genealogy Archives http://www.archives.com/ National
6 GENEALOGY BIRTH http://www.birthrecords.ws/?hop=magooo National
7 Genealogy Gateway http://www.gengateway.com/ National
8 Geni http://www.geni.com/ National
9 National Obituary Archive http://www.arrangeonline.com/Company/ContactUs.asp National
10 POORHOUSE HISTORY http://www.poorhousestory.com/ National
11 Roots Web http://searches.rootsweb.ancestry.com/ National
12 Surname Origins and Meanings http://surnamesite.com/ National

High Schools Back to Top

High School Alumni Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Alumni.NET http://www.alumni.net/ National
2 Classmates.com http://www.classmates.com/registration/index.jsp National
3 Mylife.com http://www.mylife.com/ National

Homeless Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Shelter Listings http://www.shelterlistings.org/ National
2 Homeless Shelter Directory http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/ National
3 Shelters http://4homeless.hypermart.net/soup_kitchens.html National

Homeland Security Back to Top

Hunting and Fishing Licenses Back to Top

Count Company/Title URL State
1 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) http://www.ice.gov/ National

Identity Theft Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Better Business Bureau http://www.bbbonline.org/idtheft/ National
2 DOJ Identity Theft and Identity Fraud http://www.justice.gov/criminal/fraud/websites/idtheft.html National
3 Equifax Fraud Index http://learn.equifax.com/identity-theft/ National
4 Experian FRAUD VICTIM ASSISTANCE http://www.experian.com/credit-education/victim-assistance.html National
5 Identity Theft Portal http://www.idtheft.com/intro.php National
6 Identity Theft Protection Plans http://www.identitytheft.com/ National
7 Identity Theft Resource Center http://www.idtheftcenter.org/ National
8 TransUnion http://www.transunion.com/corporate/personal/personal.page National

Immigration Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Ellis Island Immigration Records http://www.ellisislandimmigrants.org/ National
2 Cindi's List http://www.cyndislist.com/immigrat.htm National
3 Ellis Island Records http://www.ellisisland.org/default.asp National
4 Immigration Records for Genealogy Research http://www.nyarrivals.com/immigration_records.html National

Inmate Locator Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Ada County Detention Center http://www.adasheriff.org/InmateRoster/ Idaho
2 Blaine County Detention Center http://blainesheriff.com/jail.asp Idaho
3 Canyon County Detention Center http://www.canyonco.org/JailRoster/ Idaho
4 Idaho Dept. of Correctios https://www.accessidaho.org/public/corr/offender/search.html Idaho
5 Kootenai Count Detention Center http://www.kcsheriff.com/incustody.html Idaho
6 Latah County Detention Center http://www.latah.id.us/sheriff/sheriff_jail.php Idaho
7 Twin Falls County Detention Center http://www.twinfallscoso.com/media.php Idaho

Investigative Software Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 ACISS Systems http://aciss.com/ National
2 FREE Investigative Utilities http://www.usatrace.com/dupire.html National

IP Addresses Back to Top

Legal Documents Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 All Law http://www.alllaw.com/forms/Business/ National
2 Free Legal Forms Online http://www.free-legal-document.com/free-legal-forms-online.html National
3 Legal Documents Online http://www.legaldocs.com/misc-s.htm National

Libraries Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Library Spot http://www.libraryspot.com/ National
2 National Library of Medicine http://www.nlm.nih.gov/ National
3 U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences http://nces.ed.gov/globallocator/ National

License Plates Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Index of US license plate http://www.15q.net/usindex.html National
2 World License Plates http://www.worldlicenseplates.com/world/NA_USAX.html National

Mail Drops Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Mail Drop Guide http://maildropguide.com/ National
2 Mail Drop Search http://www.finaid.org/scholarships/maildropsearch.phtml National
3 Maildrop-Directory http://www.maildrop-directory.com/ National

Mapping Back to Top

Marriage Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Marriage Records By State http://www.publicrecordfinder.com/marriagerecordsbystate.html National
2 Western States Marriages Search Form http://abish.byui.edu/specialCollections/westernStates/search.cfm National

Mexican Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Mexico Yellow Pages http://www.seccionamarilla.com.mx/ National
2 Banks of Mexico http://www.aaadir.com/?ID=114 National
3 Mexico cyber-directory http://directory.com.mx/ National

Military Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 U.S. Navy http://www.navy.mil/swf/index.asp National
2 GI Search http://www.gisearch.com/ National
3 Medals of honor http://www.cmohs.org/medal-history.php National
4 Military Service Record Request http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/ National
5 Military Times http://www.militarytimes.com/ National
6 Military.com http://www.military.com/ National
7 NARA's National Personnel Records http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/index.html National
8 SearchMil.com http://www.searchmil.com/ National
9 Shipmate Search http://www.usmm.org/shipmate_search.html National
10 The Seeker http://www.the-seeker.com/ National
11 The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration http://www.archives.gov/research/index.html National
12 U.S. Air Force http://www.af.mil/ National
13 U.S. Air National Guard http://www.ang.af.mil/ National
14 U.S. Army http://www.army.mil/ National
15 U.S. Army National Guard http://www.arng.army.mil/Pages/Default.aspx National
16 U.S. Coast Guard http://www.uscg.mil/default.asp National
17 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs http://www.va.gov/ National
18 U.S. Marine Corp http://www.marines.mil/Pages/Default.aspx National
19 US AIR FORCE BASES, ARMY AIR FIELDS, NAVAL AND COAST GUARD AIR STATIONS. http://www.globemaster.de/baselinks.html National
20 US Military Aviation Database. http://www.globemaster.de/ National
21 US MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS LINKS http://www.globemaster.de/organizations.html National
22 Veterans Alliance Service Center http://www.vets.com/ National

Missing Persons Back to Top

Most Wanted Back to Top

National Center for Missing Adults Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 National Center for Missing Adults http://www.theyaremissed.org/ncma/gallery/ncmalistview.php?wstr=_where_(c2.state_like_{IA}) Idaho
2 National Center for Missing Adults http://www.theyaremissed.org/ncma/gallery/ncmalistview.php?wstr=_where_(c2.state_like_{ID}) Idaho

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 National Center for Missing and Exploited Children http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PublicHomeServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US Idaho

New National Links Back to Top

Newsgroups Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Newsgroup list http://www.binsearch.info/groups.php National
2 Alphabetical list of Newsgroup Hierarchies http://www.magma.ca/~leisen/mlnh/index.html National
3 List Of All Newsgroups http://www.newsreaders.info/list-of-all-newsgroups.htm National

Newspapers Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 News and Newspapers Online http://library.uncg.edu/news/ National
2 News Link http://newslink.org/news.html National
3 Newspaper Association of America Search http://www.newspaperlinks.com/home.cfm National
4 NEWSPAPERS - USA AND WORLDWIDE http://www.refdesk.com/paper.html National
5 Newspapers of the World on the Internet http://www.actualidad.com/ National
6 Online Newspapers.com http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/ National
7 State Government Information http://www.loc.gov/rr/news/stategov/stategov.html National
8 U.S. News Archives on the Web http://www.ibiblio.org/slanews/internet/archives.html National

Non-Profits Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 GuideStar Nonprofit Directory http://www2.guidestar.org/ National

Occupational Directories Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Occupational http://www.agius.com/hew/links/ National

Paralegals Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 LOCATE - A - PARALEGAL DIRECTORY http://www.locate-a-paralegal.com/ National
2 Paralegal Directory Online http://www.locateparalegal.com/ National

Parole Resources Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 National Parole Resource Center (NPRC) http://nationalparoleresourcecenter.org/ National
2 Probation and Parole Resources http://www.correctionsone.com/probation-and-parole/links/ National

Patriot Act Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Bill Summary http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d107:H.R.3162: National
2 The USA PATRIOT Act http://www.justice.gov/archive/ll/highlights.htm National

People Search Back to Top

Pills and Drugs Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Above the Influence http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/facts/drug-facts.aspx National
2 DEA Drug Information http://www.justice.gov/dea/concern/concern.htm National
3 Pill Identifier http://www.drugs.com/pill_identification.html National
4 RxList Pill Identification Tool http://www.rxlist.com/pill-identification-tool/article.htm National
5 Street Drugs http://www.streetdrugs.org/ National

P.O. Boxes Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 PO Box Service http://www.usps.com/receive/businesssolutions/poboxservice.htm National
2 Mailbox http://www.theupsstore.com/products/pages/maiandpos.aspx National

Police Departments Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 US Police Department Directory http://www.angelfire.com/my/policedirectory/ National
2 Yahoo Police Directory http://dir.yahoo.com/Society_and_Culture/Crime/Law_Enforcement/Law_Enforcement_Departments/Local_Departments/Police/By_Region/U_S__States/ National

Political Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Campaign Donors http://fundrace.huffingtonpost.com/ National
2 Center for Public Integrity http://www.publicintegrity.org/projects/entry/290/ National
3 Federal campaign contributions by state http://www.opensecrets.org/states/index.php National
4 MoneyLine http://moneyline.cq.com/pml/home.do National

Prisons - Federal Back to Top

Prisons - State Back to Top

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Probation Department Back to Top

Process Servers Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Find a Process Server http://findaprocessserver.com/ National
2 Serve Now http://www.serve-now.com/ National

Professional Licensing Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Licensed Occupations http://www.acinet.org/licensedoccupations/lois_keyword.asp?nodeid=16 National
2 Verify State-Issued Professional and Occupational Licenses http://verifyprolicense.com/ National

Property Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 NETR Public Records Online Directory http://www.netronline.com/public_records.htm National

Public Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 NETR Public Records Online Directory http://www.netronline.com/public_records.htm National

Count Company/Title URL State
1 Full radio and TV listings by state http://www.100000watts.com/ National
2 Online Radio Station Directory Guide http://www.radio-station-directory.com/ National
3 Radio-Locator.com http://www.radio-locator.com/ National
4 RadioStationWorld Directory http://radiostationworld.com/ National

Real Estate Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Home Price Check http://www.realestate.com/homepricecheck/ National
2 Real Estate Online Assessors http://indorgs.virginia.edu/portico/personalproperty.html National
3 Zillow http://www.zillow.com/ National

Runaways Back to Top

Satellite Images / Maps Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Rand McNally Online Maps http://www.randmcnally.com/ National
2 Atlapedia Online http://www.atlapedia.com/ National
3 Delorme.com http://www.delorme.com/ National
4 EarthCam Network http://www.earthcam.com/ National
5 MapQuest http://www.mapquest.com/ National
6 Maps on us http://www.mapsonus.com/mapsonus/ National
7 MSN Maps http://www.mapblast.com National
8 TerraFly http://www.terrafly.com/ National
9 USGS The National Map http://nationalmap.gov/ National
10 Yahoo Maps http://maps.yahoo.com/ National

Scanner Frequencies Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Google Earth (Free Software) http://www.google.com/earth/download/ge/agree.html National
2 National Scanner Frequency Guide http://www.dxing.com/scanfreq.htm National
3 Police Scanner Frequency Resources by State http://www.police-scanner.info/police-scanner-frequencies.htm#listings National
4 Scanner Frequencies http://www.bearcat1.com/free.htm National
5 The Radio Reference Database (United States) http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/ National
6 Worldwide Scanner Radio http://members.optusnet.com.au/extremescan/uspage.html National

Search Engines Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 International Directory of Search Engines http://www.searchenginecolossus.com/ National
2 Alltheweb,com http://www.alltheweb.com/ National
3 Altavista.com http://www.altavista.com/ National
4 Aol search http://search.aol.com/aol/webhome National
5 Ask.com http://www.ask.com/ National
6 Bing http://www.bing.com/ National
7 Dogpile.com http://www.dogpile.com/ National
8 Exite http://www.excite.com/ National
9 Google http://Google.com National
10 Internet Archives http://www.archive.org/index.php National
11 IX Quick http://www.ixquick.com/ National
12 Lycos http://www.lycos.com/ National

Selective Service Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Selective Service Records http://www.sss.gov/hist.htm National

Sex Offenders Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), http://www.nsopw.gov/Core/Conditions.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 National

Sheriff/Jails Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Ada County Sheriff http://www.adasheriff.org/ Idaho
2 Adams County Sheriff http://www.co.adams.id.us/sheriff.html Idaho
3 Bannock County Sheriff http://www.bannockcounty.us/index.htm Idaho
4 Bear Lake County http://www.bearlakecounty.info/?keys=sheriff Idaho
5 Benewah County http://www.state.id.us/government/judicial_legal.html Idaho
6 Bingham County Sheriff http://www.co.bingham.id.us/Sheriff/ Idaho
7 Blaine County Sheriff http://www.blainesheriff.com/ Idaho
8 Boise County Sheriff http://www.boisecounty.us/Sheriff.aspx Idaho
9 Bonner County Sheriff http://www.co.bonner.id.us/sheriff/ Idaho
10 Bonneville County Sheriff http://www.co.bonneville.id.us/911/bcsomn.html Idaho
11 Boundary County Sheriff http://www.boundarycountyid.org/sheriff/index.htm Idaho
12 Butte County http://idaho.gov/aboutidaho/county/butte.html Idaho
13 Camas County http://www.state.id.us/aboutidaho/county/camas.html Idaho
14 Canyon County http://www.canyonco.org/index.aspx Idaho
15 Caribou County http://www.state.id.us/aboutidaho/county/caribou.html Idaho
16 Cassia County http://www.cassiacounty.org/ Idaho
17 Clark County http://www.state.id.us/aboutidaho/county/clark.html Idaho
18 Clearwater County Sheriff http://www.clearwatercounty.org/?Sheriff`sDepartment Idaho
19 Custer County Sheriff http://www.co.custer.id.us/sheriff/ Idaho
20 Elmore County Sheriff http://www.elmorecounty.org/ Idaho
21 Franklin County Sheriff http://www.franklincountyidaho.org/County1/Sheriff_Department.html Idaho
22 Fremont County Sheriff http://www.co.fremont.id.us/departments/sheriff/index.htm Idaho
23 Gem County Sheriff http://www.co.gem.id.us/law-enforcement/default.htm Idaho
24 Gooding County Sheriff http://www.goodingcounty.org/Sheriff.htm Idaho
25 http://www.co.washington.id.us/law_enforcement/sheriff.htm http://www.co.washington.id.us/law_enforcement/sheriff.htm Idaho
26 Idaho County Sheriff http://www.idahocounty.org/sheriffs-department.html Idaho
27 Jefferson County Sheriff http://www.co.jefferson.id.us/sheriffs_office.php Idaho
28 Jerome County Sheriff http://www.jeromecounty.org/contentList.aspx?title=Sheriff's Office Idaho
29 Kootenai County Sheriff http://www.kcsheriff.com/ Idaho
30 Latah County Sheriff http://www.latah.id.us/sheriff/ Idaho
31 Lemhi CSO http://lemhicountyidaho.org/Sheriffs Office.htm Idaho
32 Lewis CSO http://www.lewiscountyid.us/ Idaho
33 Lincoln CSO http://www.state.id.us/aboutidaho/county/lincoln.html Idaho
34 Madison CSO http://www.madisonsheriff.com/ Idaho
35 Minidoka CSO http://www.minidoka.id.us/law-enforcement/default.htm Idaho
36 Nez Perce CSO http://www.co.nezperce.id.us/ Idaho
37 Oneida CSO http://www.co.oneida.id.us/ Idaho
38 Owyhee CSO http://www.owyheecounty.net/index1.php?sheriff Idaho
39 Payette CSO http://www.payettecounty.org/sheriff/sheriff.html Idaho
40 Shoshone CSO http://www.shoshoneso.com/home.html Idaho
41 Twin Falls CSO http://www.twinfallscoso.com/ Idaho
42 Valley CSO http://accessidaho.org/aboutidaho/county/valley.html Idaho
43 Yahoo Sheriff Departments http://dir.yahoo.com/Society_and_Culture/Crime/Law_Enforcement/Law_Enforcement_Departments/Local_Departments/Sheriff/By_Region/U_S__States/ National

Social Networks Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 # Twitter http://twitter.com/ National
2 Bebo http://www.bebo.com/ National
3 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ National
4 Geni http://www.geni.com/ National
5 hi5 http://www.hi5.com/friend/displayHomePage.do National
6 Jigsaw Business Directory http://www.hi5.com/friend/displayHomePage.do National
7 LinkedIn member directory http://www.linkedin.com/ National
8 Myspace http://www.myspace.com/ National
9 Netlog http://en.netlog.com/ National
10 Spoke http://www.spoke.com/ National

Spyware Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Microsoft Security http://www.microsoft.com/security/spyware/whatis.aspx National
2 SpywareBlaster http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html National

SSN Searches Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Social Security Death Index http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=3693 National
2 SSN State Issue Search http://www.pimall.com/nais/ssndata.html National
3 SSN VALIDATOR.COm https://www.ssnvalidator.com/pages/search.aspx National

State Criminal Records Back to Top

State ID Cards and Licenses Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Identification Cards http://www.dmv.org/ National

Stolen Guns Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 FIREARMS FAX https://www.firearmsfax.com/signup?gun National
2 HotGunz http://www.hotgunz.com/ National
3 Stolen Guns and Weapons database http://www.stolenweapon.com/ National

Surety Companies Back to Top

Terrorists Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Database of International Terrorism http://www.adl.org/main_Terrorism/default.htm National

Telephone Investigations Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Infobel http://www.infobel.com/en/world/ National
2 Master Files http://www.masterfiles.com/ National
3 Phonedetective.com http://www.phonedetective.com National
4 Primeris, Inc. http://www.primeris.com/ National
5 Switchboard http://www.switchboard.com/ National
6 Telephone Number Location Directory http://www.thedirectory.org/pref/ National
7 Telephone/Cellular Resources http://www.publicrecordfinder.com/telephone.html National
8 The Internet 800 Directory http://inter800.com/ National
9 Tollfreephone.com http://www.tollfreephone.com/tollfreebody.cfm National
10 Verizon SuperPages.com http://www.superpages.com/ National
11 White Pages http://www.anywho.com/ National
12 Whitepages http://www.whitepages.com/ National
13 Yellow Book http://www.yellowbook.com/yellowpages/?where=parker, co National

Transcribers Back to Top

Count Company/Title URL State
1 American TV Stations http://www.globalcomputing.com/TVContent.htm National
2 Full radio and TV listings by state http://www.100000watts.com/ National
3 TV Web Directory http://www.tvwebdirectory.com/MAINusa.htm National

UCC Searches Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Enforcement Actions http://www.federalreserve.gov/apps/enforcementactions/search.aspx National

Unclaimed Property Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 National Association of Unclaimed Property http://www.unclaimed.org/ National
2 Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse. http://www.missingmoney.com/ National

United States Marshall Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 District of Idaho http://www.usmarshals.gov/district/id/index.html Idaho
2 United States Marshals Service http://www.justice.gov/marshals/ National

Verifying Education Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 National Student Clearinghouse http://www.studentclearinghouse.org/dvev/dv_whyverify.htm National

Vin Numbers Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Carfax http://www.carfax.com/ National
2 Free VIN Check http://www.autocheck.com/?siteID=0 National
3 VIN Number Decoder http://www.cardetective.com/vin-decoder.html National
4 VINCheck https://www.nicb.org//theft_and_fraud_awareness/vincheck/vincheck National

Vinelink Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Idaho (VINELink) https://www.vinelink.com/vinelink/stateHomeAction.do?stateId=ID Idaho

Vital Records Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Birth Records By State http://www.publicrecordfinder.com/birthrecordsbystate.html National
2 Idaho Vital Records http://www.healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/?TabId=82 Idaho
3 Native American Directory http://daddezio.com/records/room/indian.html National
4 Social Security Death Index http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=3693 National
5 vitalrec.com http://www.vitalrec.com/death.html National
6 Where to Write for Vital Records http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w.htm National

Warrant Databases Back to Top

Website Research Back to Top

Zip Codes Back to Top
Count Company/Title URL State
1 Cedar http://www.cedar.buffalo.edu/adserv.html National
2 Melissa Data http://www.melissadata.com/lookups/zipcityphone.asp National
3 Zip Info http://www.zipinfo.com/search/zipcode.htm National