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Constitutional Press Releases > Canyon County Sheriff - Candidate Robert Muse -BATTERY ASSUALT
Canyon County Sheriff - Candidate Robert Muse -BATTERY ASSUALT
CALDWELL, IDAHO -- May 20, 2012 --



REPORT ISSUED BY Officer: Joshua Hardy

While watching through the window I noticed a male subject walking around the parking lot looking into cars. I contacted the outside officer and made sure he was aware of the subject. He gave back a discription of the person that I was observing to verify we were watching the same person. I observed this subject leave his car and walk over to a mini van with what looked like one female occupant in the passenger seat. I observed what looked like the subject was talking to the female and possibly some physical interaction. This went on for about 3 minutes until I saw the female throw her arms up and attempt to push the male backwards away from the mini van. The female then began to try and close the passenger door of the mini van when the male subject forced the door open. The male subject then began to fight with the female occupant and forced her back into the van. At this time he began to choke the female. I called out on the radio for assistance to the mini van and began to respond to the parking lot. When I got to the mini van I was met with fellow officer Robert Muse and we both began to give commands for the subject to get on the ground. The male refused to go to the ground for Officer Robert Muse and myself, at this time Officer Robert Muse and myself took the male subject to the ground and placed him in handcuffs. At this time Officer Donald Warren assisted me in detaining the male subject on the ground while Officer Rober Muse checked on the female occupant of the mini van. After female was secure Officer Donald Warren and myself escorted male to his car away from the female. While waiting for more assistance I asked the male how much he had to drink that night. He told me about 12 Coronas. After more assistance arrived Officer Donald Warren and myself escorted male subject back to the security office where we detained him until Caldwell Police Department arrived to take over the investigation.


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