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Constitutional Press Releases > Week-End of Violence Leaves 3 Security Officers Dead 14 Others Injured
Week-End of Violence Leaves 3 Security Officers Dead  14 Others Injured
First Response by Private Citizens to Violence
United States -- Jul 23, 2012 --

Week-End of Violence Leaves 3 Security Officers Dead

14 Others Injured




Charlotte NC

July 23 2012


It has been a violent week-end across the nation for the private security industry that started with a massacre that left 12 people dead and 60 injured at a premier of the latest Batman movie in Aurora Colorado at a Cineplex Theater, one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent U.S. history.

Among those killed was mall security officer Jon Blunk who witnesses say saved the lives of three people by shielding them with his body.

The war veteran had made plans with his girlfriend and some friends to see the movie as a celebration as he prepared to re-enter the Navy to be trained as a Navy Seal.

Because of his heroic actions, lives were saved. Blunk died of gunshot wounds in the theater.


Nassau County police are investigating the death of a security officer who died from an assault. Police are searching for several men.

Authorities have not released the name of the security officer or further details.


Houston Texas police say that an armed security officer confronted several men trying to enter a game room. When the security officer saw that the men were armed he pulled his firearm but was shot in the head. The security officer has died and the suspects are at large.


A Long Beach CA security officer is recovering from a gunshot would after he was shot at a local apartment complex. Police say that a confrontation with a visitor occurred and the guard was shot.


Chicago police say that an unarmed female security officer attacked at an apartment complex is in critical condition after she was choked with a shirt and beaten unrecognizable.

A passer-by called 911.

The security officer sustained massive facial and head injuries and is listed in serious condition.


Detroit MI-Authorities say that a security officer at a gas station and convenience store was stabbed numerous times during a possible robbery attempt.

The security officer is listed in critical condition and police are searching for at least one suspect.


Culver City Ca. A security officer on duty at a pet store was ambushed and pistol-whipped during a robbery.

Police say that two armed black males robbed the store of $3000.

The security officer was hospitalized with head trauma and the suspects have not been apprehended.


Houston TX- An off-duty city police officer who was working private security at a sports bar was followed by several men when he left work. The men pulled a gun on the officer and shots were fired. The officer was not injured.


Memphis TN A security officer trying to clear a grocery store parking lot where people were loitering was shot when a confrontation with several men occurred.

Richard Holmes is in critical condition.


Another Memphis security officer was also injured during a confrontation at a nightclub early Monday morning. Police are still on the scene and are investigating.


Police in Philadelphia are investigating several incidents where private security officers were assaulted.

One security officer was thrown into a glass window and injured a robbery attempt and a second security officer was sent to the hospital after being assaulted at a downtown nightclub.


In Oakland Ca. an unarmed mall security officer making early morning patrols was ambushed by an armed gunman who demanded access into a check cashing store. The security officer was assaulted. A passing police officer gave chase and a suspect was arrested.


San Antonio TX police are investigating a shooting involving a security officer on duty at the downtown Greyhound bus station. Police say that the security officer observed a disturbance in the middle of the street involving a man armed with a knife.

The security officer confronted the man and when he charged at the security officer he was shot three times.