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Constitutional Press Releases > No Sheriff Left Behind in SHERIFF JEFF CHRISTOPHER Delaware
No Sheriff Left Behind in  SHERIFF JEFF CHRISTOPHER Delaware
Delaware -- Aug 1, 2012 --


DATES FOR THE NEXT CONVENTION ANNOUNCED: September 16-18, 2012 - South Point Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. See the conventions page for details.


The Attorney General of Delaware is the son of Joe Biden. Obviously he did not fall far from the "lack of intelligence" tree as he gave an opinion that the sheriff has no arrest authority!!! How is it that the State Constitution states that the sheriff is in fact the "conservator of the peace", yet according to Beau Biden, he lacks the authority to arrest anyone who may violate the peace? This is why Richard Mack and the CSPOA are helping Sheriff Christopher fight the political stupidity of some out of touch Delaware politicians. We must make certain that Delaware does not repeat the outrageous unconstitutional removal of the office of sheriff from the State as Connecticut did about 12 years ago.

See the news page for more info.

CSPOA: Protecting Freedom

Why become a member of CSPOA? What will I gain from CSPOA?

  • Members of the CSPOA understand their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
  • CSPOA members understand that the Office of Sheriff exists to protect citizens.

Crimes, misdemeanors, public safety, community events, keeping the peace have been the traditional role of the Sheriff. A new wave of crime and danger is assaulting the citizen under the protection of the Sheriff as well as the very office of the Sheriff itself. CSPOA members have encountered bureaucratic incursions and violations of citizens and states' rights and are concerned with:

  • Illegal legislative action to abolish the office of Sheriff
  • Property Rights vs. US Forest Service
  • Fraudulent Bank Foreclosures
  • Health Care Freedom
  • Protecting Farmers / FDA issues
  • Property Rights Bureau of Land Management
  • Water Rights
  • Border Security
  • Gun Control / 2nd amendment issues
  • 10th Amendment States Rights Issues
  • Illegal Aliens
  • IRS
  • TSA
  • Bureaucratic Fraud
  • And more!!!

CSPOA members are empowering themselves and others by understanding:

  • The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • The Historical Tradition of the Sheriff
  • Strength Through Unity