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Constitutional Press Releases > Canyon County Sheriff DEBATE OCtober 16th
Canyon County Sheriff DEBATE OCtober 16th
PRESS ALERT BE HERE FOR THE DEBATE DATE LISTED. Tuesday, Oct. 16, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Nampa City Hall: Candidate forum for contested candidates in Legislative Districts 10, 11, 12 & 13 and sheriff’s race.  House keeping for the Idaho Press Tribune endorsement:  I will not accept any endorsements from any media and associations.  The only recommendations or endorsements I will consider are from you the individual citizen who chooses to vote for your choice for your voice that will support ROBERT MUSE
Nampa, Idaho -- Sep 27, 2012 --

PRESS ALERT BE HERE FOR THE DEBATE DATE LISTED. Tuesday, Oct. 16, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Nampa City Hall: Candidate forum for contested candidates in Legislative Districts 10, 11, 12 & 13 and sheriff’s race.

House keeping for the Idaho Press

Tribune endorsement:

I will not accept any endorsements from any media and associations.

The only recommendations or endorsements I will consider are from you the individual citizen who chooses to vote for your choice for your voice that will support ROBERT MUSE the only CONSERVATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL CANDIDATE.

Your vote and choice will be simple a "Right to Work " Sheriff candidate "Robert Muse" or my republican opponent a national union member, funded and endorsed by the National Union local.

I guarantee this will a debate you in Canyon County will remember for a long time.

Mark your calendar and be there.

Your civil liberties and private property rights depend on this.

Dear General Election Candidate:

You are receiving this letter because your name will be on the Nov. 6 General Election. This letter is being sent to all candidates, but there are three unopposed candidates who do not need to worry about the majority of the information in this letter.

The Idaho Press-Tribune tries to provide as much information about the candidates as possible in a fair manner by holding forums, posing questions for our election coverage and allowing you to get your message out.

This is a long letter, but we have attempted to anticipate your questions, based on past experiences. Please read it carefully. Please keep this letter handy and be sure to put deadlines on your calendar.

We have several layers of opportunities for you to get your message out to the public. Here’s a quick summary of deadlines. See details for each item below.

Important pre-election dates and deadlines

Ø Friday noon, Oct. 5, deadline to claim your interview time slot. A separate email will follow this email to those who will be interviewed. You’ll have time slots to choose from. The early bird gets the best slots.

Ø Thursday noon, Oct. 11, deadline to submit answers to our online questionnaire. (Will be emailed to you Thursday, Oct. 4, late afternoon or early evening.)

Ø Tuesday, Oct. 16, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Nampa City Hall: Candidate forum for contested candidates in Legislative Districts 10, 11, 12 & 13 and sheriff’s race.

Ø Thursday noon, Oct. 18, Candidate essays, 400 words, are due to op-ed@idahopress.com.

Ø Monday noon, Oct. 29, Idaho Press-Tribune’s deadline for election-related

Ø letters to the editor. Letters that exceed 200 words or do not include name, address and phone number will be rejected along with letters sent in all capital letters. Email: op-ed@idahopress.com.

Ø Tuesday, Nov. 6, Polls are open, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Deadlines: We believe candidates must meet deadlines as one way to demonstrate to the voters that you take this seriously. There will not be any exceptions, including the excuse that your e-mail didn’t work. It’s your job to verify that we have received your submissions by the deadlines. We try to reply so you will know that we got it. If your submission is not made before deadline, we will publish your photo and simply leave a blank spot and tell readers you did not meet the submission deadline. This makes it fair for all candidates. It’s important to meet all deadlines in this election process, including making appointments for your endorsement interview.

ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEWS: The Idaho Press-Tribune (Managing Editor Vickie Holbrook) conducted individual interviews with candidates in contested races prior to the Primary. Those interviews were posted at idahopress.com/elections and remain there. Unless we have new issues that must be addressed – and which can’t be addressed in surveys – we will not conduct new interviews. But there were several “uncontested candidates” in the Primary who were not interviewed. We will conduct new interviews with those candidates and use the same questions we posed for the primary interviews. I generally try to ask each candidate similar questions, but there’s always a chance that we will deviate depending on the responses I get during the interview. You should be prepared to talk about the issues, your opponents and why you should be elected. Interviews are about 30 minutes. Your deadline for setting up your interview appointment is Friday noon, Oct. 5.

Just so there’s no misunderstanding, these people will be asked to come in for an interview: Volpi, Dawson, Robinson, Crane, Trehal, Greene, Manning, Zeimantz, Skyving and Brown.

Candidate forum/debate: We will have one candidate forum for all contested legislative races in Districts 10, 11, 12 and 13 and the race for Canyon County Sheriff. The forum will be held Oct. 16 at Nampa City Hall. The format is simple. A 3-minute introduction, questions from the moderator and a reporter panel; candidate questions to opponents and questions submitted by the audience. There will be opportunities to debate some of the questions. There will be a 2-to 3-minute wrap-up for each candidate at the end. Doors open at 6 p.m. so candidates can distribute campaign materials. You may bring campaign materials to hand out, but you must take the extras with you because we want to leave the area clean. If you can’t attend, you may send a 3-minute statement to be read on your behalf. The representative will not be able to answer questions. We open the doors at 6 p.m. and begin the event at 6:30 p.m. We try to keep it to 2 hours.

Endorsements: We will endorse in all local contested races. We will have opportunities to evaluate candidates in a wide variety of ways including, but not limited to, candidate questionnaires, forums, Web pages, Facebook, campaign literature and past performance. Endorsements will be published by Oct. 28.

Endorsement rebuttals: Endorsement rebuttals will only be accepted from candidates who are individually criticized in IPT endorsements. We will have a list of candidates in each race with each endorsement. If we don’t name you in the editorial itself, you won’t have an opportunity to rebut our endorsement. If we say something nice about you, but we still don’t endorse you, you won’t get a rebuttal. Candidates will be notified if there is direct criticism.

Candidate questionnaires: You will receive via e-mail a link to our online questions in a separate e-mail. The deadline for completing the answers is noon Thursday, Oct. 11. You will type your own answers into the Web format that we have developed. Caution: When we reveal the answers on the Web to our readers, they will see what you put in. That means errors including spelling and grammar will not be edited by the newsroom. Note: WE WILL REJECT SUBMISSIONS THAT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS because they are very difficult to read. We will post those questions and answers on the Web at idahopress.com and we will use selected responses for news stories on different issues. The material will not be instantly revealed to the public. We’ll let you know when the public can see the answers. You can revise your questions up until the submission deadline. We will only accept responses in the Web-based forms. Recommendation: Type up your answers in a separate document for yourself and then copy and paste them onto the online questionnaire. If there is a technical difficulty, you’ll have a backup document.

Candidate Essays: All contested candidates are invited to submit a 400-word essay (to sell yourself to voters) for publication. The deadline to submit your essay is noon Thursday, Oct. 18. Only send them to vholbrook@idahopress.com so they are not lost. Effective with today’s date, we will not accept letters to the editor from candidates.

Letters from your supporters: Support letters must be received via e-mail, in person or at the IPT office by noon Monday, Oct. 29. Letters that exceed 200 words or don’t have complete addresses and phone numbers also will be rejected. We cannot promise that writers will be notified (if their letter is rejected) after the submission deadline because so many letters come in at the last minute. Treasure Valley letters will be given top priority. If you save all of your support letters for the final day, the Idaho Press-Tribune will not be able to publish all of them. E-mail letters to: op-ed@idahopress.com.

Finally, let’s talk about inappropriate and unacceptable actions/material:

· Facts vs. opinion: Often we receive support letters or claims made by candidates that are based on opinion and not facts. Facts can be backed up with documents, previous news stories and audio recordings. You will be asked to submit documentation to back up any allegations that you make that we can’t easily confirm ourselves.

· Hearsay: Just because someone said it doesn’t mean it is true. Hearsay or second-hand conversations are not acceptable forms of fact checking.

· Opinions: There’s more leeway with personal opinions. However, if an opinion is stated but it’s based on a “fact” that is hearsay or rumor, we will not publish it. Review our full policy at: http://www.idahopress.com/opinion/a-guide-for-submissions-to-the-idaho-press-tribune-opinion/article_e30f76b8-50d8-11e0-bc61-001cc4c03286.html

· Copyright matters: Our content (words and photos that we post to our website and in print) is copyrighted. You can provide links from your site to ours, but you can’t copy and paste our content and put it on your site. The same applies to letters to the editor that support you. You can, however, post any of your own material (even if provided to the newspaper) to your web page.

· Commenting: Please review the commenting policy. http://www.idahopress.com/site/terms/

· Facebook: You may post links to your Facebook page. But please do not post links or personal advertisements to Idaho Press-Tribune’s Facebook page. If there’s a story or question that’s posed on the IPT Facebook (that we have posted) that relates directly to you, feel free to comment. Note: I have tried to personally “friend” and/or “like” your Facebook pages. This is NOT an endorsement of any kind. I simply want to keep up on the election issues and what candidates are saying. If I haven’t “liked” or “Friended” your page, please let me know what the address is.

· False & incorrect information: If you believe that something has been published and it’s incorrect, please contact me ASAP. We want to correct mistakes. But remember, just because you disagree with someone’s “opinion” doesn’t mean that it warrants a correction.

Please feel free to contact us about any questions or concerns that you may have about election coverage.

Managing Editor Vickie Holbrook, vholbrook@idahopress.com, or 465-8110. If it is an emergency, feel free to call my cell at 870-2782. I try to closely monitor my email so I can quickly answer questions or alleviate concerns.

Opinion Editor Phil Bridges, op-ed@idahopress.com, 465-8115.

Local Editor Charlotte Wiemerslage, cwiemerslage@idahopress.com or 465-8123.