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Idaho Press Tribune Retraction
Slander provided by Canyon County Deputy Sheriff Daniels
Editorial release -- Nov 2, 2012 --


This is my reply to the printed newspaper retractions from the former president of his union with his editorial lies. How can a deputy sheriff’s slander be tolerated? Is this the establishment’s biases desperation at attempting to stop the independent patriotic citizen from his duty to protect the Oath and defend the United States Constitution today?  


Pray for a biblical understanding of your duty as an agent of human government. Do not seek to punish others for personal wrongs done to you. Instead, obey human rulers who are fulfilling the God-given obligation of suppressing evil deeds and punishing those who commit them.

Ask God to grant you confidence and strength in your role as an obedient servant of the American people, as you execute the legal orders of those who have been elected to lead our county and nation in conflict with evildoers. God provides us with warriors to teach us, to guide us, and to mentor us. Remember to call the name of Christ in in your time of distress, fear, pain, and difficulty. God "will never leave you nor forsake you" just call unto him.

So soldier on, my brothers and sisters, soldier on.


Vote Independent, Robert Muse