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Object and Purpose:

The object and purpose of the Idaho Bail Coalition is to promote free enterprise bail, to protect the interest and honor of the bail profession, and to promote, upgrade, and perpetuate the bail bond profession through the following objectives:

  1. Promoting public policy and rules which will advance the profession.
  2. Combating legislation and rules which may harm the profession.
  3. Promoting and maintaining professional and ethical standards for the
  4. Improving relations and expanding communications between the industry and
    the legal community - attorneys, judges, clerks and sheriffs - and the general

Mission Statement:

The Idaho Bail Coalition (IBC) is an association comprised of bail professionals.  The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "excess bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel or unusual punishment inflicted."  A natural result of this right is the constitutional guarantee of reasonable bail pending trial, a concept which has been universally affirmed by the Courts of this great Union.

The specific purpose of the IBC is to promote the mutual benefit of its members by disseminating information among members of the IBC about issues of import to the profession and to monitor and influence governmental decisions that impact the profession.

Contact us at:

P.O. Box 2692
Boise, Idaho  83701


Board of Directors

Robert D. Muse        
Former President ending 2014
Kenny Keene
Heather Bedal

Steering Committee

Frank Davis
Allied Bail Bonds
Coeur d'Alene, ID
Toni Meyer
Freedom by
     Toni Bail Bonds
Coeur d'Alene, ID
Matt Ward
Jail Break Bail Bonds
Boise, ID
Sandra Cain
Bronco Bail Bonds
Boise, ID
Michelle Traenkner
911 Bail Bonds
Caldwell, ID
Ronna Campbell
Whiskey River Bail Bonds
Payette, ID














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Dear Public who is Robert Muse?

I have utilized professional best practices that include integrity, service before self and personal excellence in the delivery of products and services to private sector organizations, nonprofit community services or government agencies. My quality assurance specializations are internal and external administration for best practices utilizing bench marking for deploying financial resources.

Nonprofit Organizational Development
Financial funding
Defending our citizens access to public lands
Protecting private property rights
Restoring Civil Liberty in the civil and criminal justice system

Education and Experience - Current Scholar learner in Public Administration PhD program GPA 4.0
1. Master’s of Science degree in Public Safety Leadership
2. Master’s of Science degree Human Social Services Specialization Criminal Justice
3. Bachelor’s of Science degree Criminal Justice - Honors

Certificates of Achievement – Technical and Academic -Master’s of Science degree Addictions and Mental Health Certificate
Idaho POST Academy Certificates
Law Enforcement Certificates
USAF Police Academy Certificates
Career Experience

Business Owner 10 years – Bail Bond and Asset Recovery
Human Social Services (Psycho Social Rehabilitation - PSR)
Idaho Civil Contract Enforcement Officer – Part time current
Director of Security – Part time current (15 officers)
Idaho Peace Officer (Deputy Sheriff)
Private Officer and Investigator (Awards)
USAF Security Police (Honorable discharge)
Letters of Reference and Employee Awards

My advocacy and passion are to provide outstanding personal assistance to agencies, businesses, customers, employees, and visitors in a courteous and professional manner.

Mr. Robert Muse
Soldier on Brothers and Sisters




Sheriff Mack      

Conservative Constitutional Candidate Robert Muse for Canyon County Sheriff      

Sheriff Joe Arpaio



Candidate 2012 Independent Constitutional Conservative - 35% 21,000 votes

The Idaho Statesman (October 12, 2012) has recognized my platform in its entirety as an outsider who embraces the "Constitutional Sheriff" concept. The central thesis of this movement is that individual rights are under siege , and that the county sheriff is best positioned to stand up to overreaching federal agencies. Robert Muse was quoted as saying " The sheriff is the supreme law of the land in the county."



I make decisions based on the following operational theory.

We demand integrity, accountability, and a solemn commitment from our elected representatives and citizens to restore our Republic to its founding values as expressed in the Constitution and all should swear to uphold in their oaths to protect and defend this freedom of liberty.

It is time for all to honor those oaths in word and deed. I champion the principles of individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise within the Civil Society and throughout America.

We should work to return the Civil Society to its original Constitutional values as the most effective means of returning government to its proper role of servant of the people through the understanding of Eternal law which consist of the following three laws.

These three laws are the natural law which is the God of nature and humanity that grants you your bill of rights through constitutional inheritance, the second law of nature (Universal law = birth to death), and the third unnatural law called the law of humanity or the political law (social justice).

The Eternal law holds both the law of nature and law of humanity accountable for abuse and misuse for stealing your divine inheritance created by the natural law.

Your sworn oath to the Constitution is the authority granted to you to uphold the supreme law of the land called the natural law.

What is natural law?

"The political significance of grounding values of Eternal law in fact is immense. For one thing, it allows people to use Natural Law as a standard by which to judge the justice of the law of the land (positive law), or of the ruler, or of a God.

In short, Natural Law theory allows you to weigh whether or not the rule of law or t5he letter of the law is proper, or just.

When the question arises, 'why should I obey the law of the land? Some people answer, 'because the law is the law,' or 'because you will be punished if you don't.'

Classical liberals answer instead …'you should only obey the law if it is in accord with nature or the natural law.

Is there a better understanding or definition? Please share....

The declaration of independence is the embodiment of the codified natural law for the existence of our living “free will” that forces the government to recognize "civil rights and liberty".

Our fore fathers provided the ability for each individual to share the expression of a living "free will" that is imprinted in each human heart by freedom born from the natural law.

This was recorded by our fore fathers as a will and testament, which is authored in the U.S. Constitution that provides our inheritance for liberty and described to us in the Bill of Rights as regulated freedom.

This creation of the natural law leads to a civil society seeking the realm of freedom with a promise that each citizen must volunteer to protect the individual ownership of private property rights and defend liberty for freedom to be held accountable.

Therefore, the legitimate purpose of the state is the protection of man's natural right to liberty and is procedural in nature. This involves the protection of each man's natural right to liberty through which he can self-actualize and freely pursue further actions based on a man's natural rights derived from the natural law.

This is what the great experiment for liberty the founding fathers wrote in their last will and testament the constitution for our inheritance that is discovered in the Bill of Rights which has released the freedom of the natural law into our republic.

Protect our "freewill" for individual ownership of private property rights, defend liberty, and be held accountability for declarations of reasons and actions to uphold the natural law and share these eternal principles and values that are imprinted in each person's life.

“There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”
Ayn Rand