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Robert Muse Resume
Sheriff Candidate

 Director of Security and Safety Robert Muse


A letter to who it concerns:


I provide current security for Caldwell Facilities that include Los Portales, Columbia Event Center, Blue Eye Speak Easy, and Ecstasy.

My 15 security officers are responsible for reducing law enforcement dispatch by an estimated 300% and reducing law enforcement officer involvement by 95% with no previous or current pending legal lawsuits over the last 6 years.

This includes inspections by the State of Idaho for successful licensing compliance. Resulting in the contribution to reduce reported in Caldwell by 20% from ISP released records in July 2016.

No bail bond complaints from defendants or injuries to fugitives


Academic Achievements


  • 2015 Doctorate Public Administration Course completion
  • Doctorate Thesis “ Cellular Lead Intelligence Probation Monitoring”
  • 2012 Master’s of Science degree in Public Safety Leadership
  • 2008 Master’s of Science degree in Human Social Services Specialization Criminal Justice
  • 2006 Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice
  • United State Air Force Community College Specialization in Police Security Services


Technical Achievements


  • Master’s of Science degree specialization: Addictions and Mental Health Certificate
  • IdahoPOST Academyand Law Enforcement Certificates
  • USAF Security Police - Global Terrorism Response and Nuclear Security Academies


Career and Real Life Achievements


  • Current Consultant and Supervisor - (15 years - Security Services)
  • Bail Bond General Manager for Civil Contract Enforcement and Interstate Fugitive Recovery Agent - (10 years - Licensed State Bail Agent)
  • Idaho Peace Officer (2 years - Deputy Sheriff – Letter of Recommendations)
  • USAF Security Police (2 years – DD214 Honorable discharge)
  • Vehicle and Recreational Sales with Service Management - (10 years)
  • Adult and Juvenile Psycho Social Rehabilitation - (2 years – Medicare cases)



How do we get it done now?


My sworn oath to serve the natural law of the Republic and protect the United States and Idaho Constitutions with skills for best practices that include integrity, service before self and personal excellence in the delivery of technological products and public services. These consultation specializations include creating quality assurance processes for the Private Sector, Non Government Organizations and Government Agencies.        

Sheriff Authority

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