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Tompkins Almost Got Away
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7/31/2014   Arrested again and returned for probation violation in Oregon

This email is to inform you that the offender KEITH TOMPKINS has been arrested and placed in custody. Additional notification will be sent upon the offender's release from custody.

If you need further information, you can call the Oregon State VINE service at 1-877-674-8463 and press zero to speak to a VINE operator.

This notification is sponsored by the Oregon VINE Service.  It is our hope that this information has been helpful to you.

If you are interested in learning more about Oregon Department of Corrections Victim Services Programs, go to: www.oregon.gov/DOC/OMR/Pages/

Thank you,

The VINE Service




Idaho Fugitive Task Force Alert went out and Bond Jumper out of Houston Texas reponded immediately and made the arrest after coordinating with Idaho Criminal Justice used advanced location technologies and human resources.


Scott the investigator and recovery team provided an excellent service to community for Tompkins arrest.

Keith Tompkins AKA Mark Mathis had several IDs and multiple warrants out of 5 states.

Idaho Criminal Justice hunted him from California-Oregon - Idaho- Texas- and arranged the arrest in Bossier Louisiana.

The local SWAT fugitive task force and my contracted private fugitive recovery team worked together to arrest Tompkins.

This saved a private citizen $ 20,000 dollars for the forfeited bond.

Private citizens can rest asure he will face all his criminal charges and victims will have their day in court.




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